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Name of organization
NTT Computer Security Incident Response and Readiness Coordination Team
Abbreviated name
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation NTT Secure Platform Laboratories


NTT-CERT contributes to the improvement of information-systems security for the NTT Group as well as for the information network community in general. As the center of excellence of the NTT Group with regard to information systems security, it provides a reliable point of contact for information security practice, and supports detection, resolution, mitigation, and prevention of computer security incidents in cooperation with other teams and professionals inside and outside of the NTT Group.


Computer Security Incident Response Teams(CSIRTs), security teams, IT departments, and information systems operators who engaged in the NTT Group companies' business operations.


  1. Research, study and development on information security-related technologies
  2. Analyze computer security incidents and vulnerabilities
  3. Disseminate and increase awareness of current effective security measures
  4. Promote computer security measures
  5. Act as a Point of Contact for the NTT Group
  6. Support the establishment of a CSIRT and collaboration among CSIRTs
  7. Develope and run training programs on information security

Inquiry: cert@ntt-cert.org

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